High-Quality Topographic Maps and Boundary Line Adjustment

Count on Northwest Land Surveying, Inc. in Florence, Oregon, to provide much-needed topographic maps and boundary line adjustment solutions for your project. For more than 25 years, we have been helping with the development of private properties. 

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Boundary Line Adjustment
When you need to adjust the common boundary line between the two parcels of land in your property, give us a call. Our boundary line adjustment service does not cause a lot or parcel of legal size to become smaller than that required by the zoning ordinance.  

Here, we assist in the partition process of your project. Partition is the creation of no more than three parcels of land that's caused by division. This process requires a certain amount of approvals from the controlling land use authority, such as a county or city. In most cases, it is allowed as long as no platted roads are created during the process.   

Allow us to guide you through the considerably lengthy permit application process for your subdivision project. Subdivision is a property division that results in the creation of four or more parcels of land. It is also triggered if a public road is created as part of the process. 

Foundation Layout
Whether you're a major contractor or a home builder, we can lay out your construction project to your specifications. We provide both horizontal and vertical control with references at your construction site.  

Topographic or Contour Mapping
As you prepare for a residential construction or large commercial development project, allow us to provide a topographic or contour map for you. As mapping provides you with significant initial information about the property, we'll effectively perform the process for you. Our experienced field crew has full understanding of how computer-generated maps work, and how we can use them to accurately create property models. We provide maps in hard copy and electronic formats, as well as in other compatible software formats required by your engineer or architect.

Contact us in Florence, Oregon, to get more details on our optimum-quality topographic maps and boundary line adjustment solutions.